Dr. Kee Hoon Sohn

Associate Professor



I studied agricultural biology and molecular plant pathology during my undergraduate and postgraduate study. My research focus for PhD and postdoctoral training under the supervision of Prof. Jonathan D.G. Jones at the Sainsbury Laboratory was to better understand the molecular basis of plant immune system activated by pathogen-secreted virulence proteins. Since 2013, my research group has been investigating how plants protect themselves to invading pathogens. We mostly use natural variations in both pathogens and plants to identify important genes to study the mechanisms involved in plant immune receptor activation.

Our current research themes include molecular mechanisms of i) pathogen recognition by convergently evolved plant immune receptors, ii) TIR-NB-LRR immune receptor-mediated recognition of multiple pathogens and iii) disease resistance to bacterial wilt caused by Rasltonia solanacearum. Our long-term goal is to translate our knowledge to develop durable disease resistance in crops.