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    Dr. Cécile Segonzac (Current Position: Assistant Professor at Seoul National University, Republic of Korea /

    Dr. Wanhui Kim (Current Position: Research Assistant Professor at Seoul National University, Republic of Korea)

    Dr. Jay Jayaraman (Current Position: Postdoctoral Scientist at Plant & Food Research, New Zealand)

    Dr. Toby Newman (Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher at Curtin University, Australia)

    Dr. Duseok Choi (Current Position: LG Chemistry, Republic of Korea)

    Sylvain Captevielle (Current Position: PhD student in John Innes Centre, UK)

    Jungmin Lee (Current Position: SAMSUNG Bioepis, Republic of Korea)

    Hyeonjung Lee

    Gayoung Jung

    Jun Zhao

    Alice Chin

    Amandine Spiandore

    Melissa Guo